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Announcement to customers of C&K Technologies Pty Ltd users of Telsor/RFID Inc. equipment.

This information is for the notification of C&K Technologies Pty Ltd's customers - users of Telsor/RFID Inc. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment.
 C&K Technologies has been compelled to remove this website.
 It is a great disappointment to find that, after 20 years cooperation and a business partnership (since October 1997), my business "colleagues" - james heurich and dzung pham of RFID Inc., along with their Australian reseller (pacific automation - former C&K Technologies reseller), have made the decision to decline supply of RFID Inc. products to C&K Technologies and, thus, our long-standing customers throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim Region whom we have been supplying, with this equipment, since 1990.


I (Christopher Kowalski) am currently one-third owner and shareholder of RFID Inc. of Aurora, Colorado and my business "partners" are attempting to buy-out my shares in the Company - using unprecedented measures in order to achieve their goal. I, therefore, have no option other than notify you of this fact and advise that we taking legal steps to resolve this matter. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this will cause our customers.
 C&K Technologies Pty Ltd pioneered the technological concept, in the field of position identification applications, for linearly travelling machinery (stackers, reclaimers and any other type of crane machinery) in 1990, at Port Waratah Coal Terminal (Carrington Operation) in Newcastle, NSW. Subsequently, this application was multiplied repeatedly across the Australian industrial mining market sector - gaining a widely accepted common standard.
 Our website address is changing from www.rfidinc.com.au to a NEW website: www.RFiDCK.com. Please visit our new website to see our latest range of products.
 C&K Technologies Pty Ltd developed and manufacture their own range RFiD equipment and we would be pleased to provide you with information to supply the latest, most advanced, RFiD technology and solutions.
 C&K Technologies' range of RFiD products have been designed specifically for applications in the fields of position identification for linear moving vehicles , ie, stackers, reclaimers, dolly cars and overhead cranes (based on an operating frequency of 125 kHz); long distance read industrial applications based on 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz RFiD technology. We are freely offering these products to our customers.

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